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Hong Kong population projection by district through 2024

(added on 2016/06/06)

From projection, it is estimated that the population in Hong Kong would increase from 7 million in 2009 to 7.66 million by 2019. This set of maps shows the yearly distribution of the projected population by district. There are altogether 18 districts. The main increases would take place in districts in the New Territories. Overall, Shatin, Kwun Tong and Yuen Long continue to be the most populous districts in 2024. The proportion of elderly people would increase significantly, more notably in Wan Chai and Eastern District on Hong Kong Island. Data for the maps were taken from the government report “Projections of population distribution 2015-2024” released by the Planning Department in December 2015.

根據推算,香港人口將會從2014年的724萬上升至2024年的776萬。這一組地圖顯示香港18區的每年人口推算,當中以新界地區增幅較大。到了2024年,沙田、觀塘和元朗將會繼續成為人口最高的地區。老年人口所佔百分比亦全面上升,以東區及灣仔區比例上增加最明顯 。地圖數據源自香港政府規劃署2015年12月發表報告《人口分布推算2015-2024》。