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Story maps

Concluding second wave

(added on 2011/04/07)

In 2009, human influenza H1N1(2009) (also referred as swine flu) found its way to many countries around the world. In Hong Kong the first wave of this epidemic peaked in the latter months of 2009 and has not returned in the following year. In early 2011, however, swine flu came back to Hong Kong, causing outbreaks in institutions including schools. This set of Map Library maps displays the pattern of this second wave over a ten week period. The locations of school outbreaks (of influenza like illnesses) are shown alongside the number of cases reported, between January and March of the year 2011. The cumulative number of student cases is shown in graduated colour by DCCA (District Council Constituency Area). It is believed that a majority of these cases are results of swine flu infections. Data for these maps were downloaded from the website of Centre for Health Protection www.chp.gov.hk, Hong Kong

二零零九年,人類流感H1N1(2009) 病毒在全球擴散,該次爆發又被稱豬流感。香港的豬流感第一波在同年下半年達最高峰,翌年沒有再次爆發。二零一一年豬流感重臨香港,並為學校和其它院舍帶來第二波爆發。這一組地圖顯示二零一一年一月至三月的十個星期,發生流感樣爆發情況的學校地點和個案人數。累積學生人數按區議會分區計算,以漸變顏色表示。這些流感樣個案,相信大部份由豬流感感染引發。地圖數據從香港政府衛生署衛生防護中心www.chp.gov.hk下載。