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Story maps

Swine flu: diffusion across the world

From late April 2009 onward, World Health Organization (WHO) has been updating regularly the global Swine Flu situation on a country level. This series of Map Library maps shows the diffusion of the virus on a week-by-week basis. Week One refers to the one week period beginning 20 April 2009 whereas Week Eleven refers to the week beginning 29 June (WHO stopped the regular updating after 6 July). At a specific week, countries reporting their first cases are represented by the blue dots. Afterwards, these countries (infected countries) are shaded black. Over a period of less than 3 months, the virus has diffused through a large proportion of the inhabitable world. The maps were created following re-organization of data from the WHO and other sources, obtained through the update files of Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.
由零九年四月下旬開始,世界衛生組織每隔數天更新一次全球情況,將確診數目上載網站。這一組(共十一幅)地圖顯示病毒滲透各國的情況,由四月二十日起的第一周至六月二十九日起的第十一周為止。首次報告發現新病例的國家以藍點代替,之後以黑色表示該地已是「感染國家」(infected country)。在前後兩個多月期間,豬流感滲透了世界大部分地方。數據源自世衛和香港政府衛生署衛生防護中心網頁,經過處理後成為各國每周數值。而世衛在七月六日以後停止更新資料