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Story maps

Swine flu: Hong Kong in 9 weeks

This is a series of weekly maps showing the changing locations and distribution of residence buildings and schools with confirmed swine flu cases in Hong Kong over a nine-week period, ever since the first case was reported in the territory. Data for the map were collated from media reports and uploaded statistics of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP www.chp.gov.hk) up to 26 June, the last day that a 'building list' was made available on the CHP website.

這一組地圖顯示自香港發現首例確診新型豬流感病毒(Influenza A H1N1) 感染起,一連九個星期的確診個案所居建築物和學校的分佈。地圖資料源自報刊報導和香港政府衛生署衛生防護中心網頁(www.chp.gov.hk) ,後者截至六月二十六日,之後再沒有更新感染者居住建築物資料。