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New blood for the world 為地球注新血

(added on 2010/06/10)

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Data source: World Health Organization (WHO)
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Blood transfusion is needed for surgery and other medical treatments. Constant supply of blood is vital to save lives and improve health. The map shows the availability of blood in each country, expressed as the number of blood donations per 1000 population. It is estimated that a country needs at least 10-30 donations per 1000 population every year for achieving self-sufficiency in blood supply. As depicted by graduated colours, blood donation in up to half of the countries is inadequate based on this estimation. The blood symbols indicate countries where 100% blood is supplied by voluntary unpaid donors, which is considered as a safer source of blood. This is achieved in <1/3 of the countries, half of which located in Europe. Data for this map were obtained from a World Health Organisation survey released in 2007.


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Blood Groups 血型

There are four major blood groups: A, B, AB and O. Normally a person with a specific blood group receives transfusion of blood belonging to the same group. In practice, people having group O blood are known as “universal donors”, whose blood may be transfused to all other people. On the other hand, people with blood group AB are known as “universal recipients”, who may receive blood transfusion of any blood group in case of need. No matter which blood group you belong to, regular blood donation is encouraged, which is important to ensure stable blood supply in the society. World Blood Donor Day falls on 14th of June, also birthday of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian physician who discovered blood groups. The theme in 2010 is “New Blood for the World”, which aims to encourage young people to donate blood regularly,

血型主要分為A型、B型、AB型及O型四大類。一般來說,每一種血型所屬的人接受輸血時需要使同一類型血液。實際情況下,O型血也可輸給所有其他血型人士,因此O型血人士被稱為『萬用捐血者』。AB型血人士剛好相反,可以接受所有其他血型的輸血,因此被稱為『萬用受血者』。為了令血庫有穩定的血液供應,不論哪一種血型人士定時捐血都是值得鼓勵的。每年六月十四日是世界捐血者日,亦是發現血型的奧地利醫生蘭斯坦的生日。 2010年的世界捐血者日主題,正是鼓勵年青新一代定時捐血。

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