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A meaningful Sunday 有意義的假日

(added on 2009/11/20)

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Data source: Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Sustainable safe blood supply is of utmost importance in a health care system. In Hong Kong, blood donation is administered by the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, operative under the Hospital Authority. There are 7 blood donor centres, 5 of which are open on both weekdays as well as weekends and Sundays. The map shows the residence locations by District Council Constituency Area (DCCA) of 415 donors giving blood on a Sunday. While most of the donors were living in the vicinity of the Shatin and Tsuen Wan donor centre, a highest proportion (35%) gave blood at the Mongkok donor centre.

充足及安全的血液供應是醫療體系中不可缺少的一環。在香港,捐血服務是由醫院管理局屬下之香港紅十字會輸血服務中心負責。全港共有7間捐血站,其中5間會在周末周日如常提供服務。圖示某星期天的捐血者人數分佈。當天共有415名市民在5間捐血站捐血。雖然大部份捐血者的居住地較為接近荃灣及沙田捐血站,但佔最高比率 (35%) 的是旺角。

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Blood donation 捐血

In Hong Kong, blood donation programme was first introduced by the Red Cross back in 1952. It is a voluntary and non-remunerated service operated through mobile units and donor centres. Since there is no substitution for blood, a large volume of regular blood donors is necessary to ensure self-sufficiency in blood supply in the territory. Giving blood is harmless to the donor. The whole donation process normally consumes only about 10 minutes, and only about 350ml to 450ml blood is taken from the donor each time. The blood collected is separated into various blood components including red blood cells, white cells, platelet and plasma, for different treatment purposes.?


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