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Crossing districts 跨越地區

(added on 2009/09/16)

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Data source: Social Hygiene Service, Department of Health
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Map shows the distribution of the residence locations of patients who attended a social hygiene clinic in North District (green cross) in a one-month period in 2008. Social Hygiene Service is a specialist clinical service for sexually transmitted infection in Hong Kong. Whereas a majority (32%) of the attendees lived in the same district, some had come from Taipo, Shatin and Yuen Long, and there were scattered cases from Kowloon. In addition, 3.5% lived in Guangdong, China.


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Social Hygiene Service 社會衛生科

Operating under the Department of Health, there are currently 6 social hygiene clinics in Hong Kong, some further divided into male and female clinics.

The social hygiene service is responsible for the prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections. Its dermatology clinics also manage skin diseases and Hansen's disease.

The social hygiene service provides free medical check-up, treatment and counselling on sexually transmitted infections for citizens on a walk-in basis, without the need for doctor's referral.

香港政府衛生署轄下社會衛生科設有六間診所,部分更劃分為成男性和女性診所 。

社會衛生科專責預防和控制經性接觸所傳染的疾病(性病),附屬的皮膚科診所治理皮膚病和麻瘋病 。

社會衛生科為市民提供免費性病檢查、治療及輔導服務, 病者可以自行到診,無需醫生轉介信。

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