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Distorted pyramid 變形金字塔

(added on 2008/11/07)

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Data source: Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR, 2001.
Map created by Wong Ngai Sze, Department of Geography & Resource Management, CUHK.


A population pyramid is a graphical illustration of the age distribution of a population. The shape of the population pyramid varies with birth rate, death rate and mobility as a result of migration. The population pyramid of Hong Kong does not fit into any standard shape. The group tip reflects an increase in elderly population while a contracted base is contributed by a low birth rate. Health correlation and mobility patterns have also shaped the pyramid, with slight variation across districts.


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Hong Kong's elderly population 香港老年人口

  • According to the Hong Kong Population Projection 2004-2033 Census and Statistics Department and Report of the Task Force on Population Policy, Hong Kong population is projected to increase from 6.8 million in mid-2003 to 8.38 million in mid-2033, with a continuous ageing trend. The proportion of those aged 65 and over is projected to rise markedly from 11.7% in 2003 to 27% in 2033. Since people are going to live longer, how to achieve a better quality of life amongst elderly population will be a new challenge for the health professions.
  • 按香港政府統計處《香港人口推算 2004-2033》及人口政策專責小組報告書中推算,本地人口預算會從2003年年中的680萬上升至2033年的838萬。香港人口將持續老化,65歲及以上所佔比率將由2003年的11.7%顯著上升至2033年的27%。由於市民逐漸變得長壽,如何保持晚年生活質數提升,將會是醫護界的新挑戰。

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