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May I live? 讓我活下去?

(added on 2008/11/07)

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In babies, the neonatal period commences at birth and ends 28 completed days after birth whereas low birth weight is defined as a weight of less than 2500g, irrespective of gestational age. Both neonatal mortality and low birth weight are used as indicators of pregnancy care, as well as malnutrition in the population. In South Asia, countries with a high neonatal mortality rate also have a tendency of having infants with low birth weight.


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Nutrition 營養

  • An adequate and well balanced diet is the minimum requirement for supporting healthy growth of children. This is particularly important for children in the early months and years of their lives. Poor nutrition intake can lead to susceptibility to diseases and impaired development. In very young babies, their nutritional intake hinges on that of their mothers both before and after their birth.
  • 對於兒童來說,充足和均衡飲食是健康生長的先決條件,營養對新生嬰兒和兒童尤其重要。缺乏營養可以削弱身體機能而引發疾病,亦會影響發育。初生嬰兒的營養更是倚賴母親,包括產前和嬰兒出生後的情況。

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