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Where can school children eat healthily? 何處覓健康食物

(added on 2008/11/07)

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Data source: McDonalds® Hong Kong
Map created by Cheung Wai Keung, Kwan Yat Wah, Ho Po Yee and Lam King Oi (CUHK MAE students 2007)


Fast food occupies an important position in our lives. This map shows how close McDonald are with schools in Hong Kong. In two districts (Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin) there are 25 McDonalds against the background of 74 secondary schools. Those McDonalds within 200 meters of a secondary school are shown. Some of the McDonalds also provide delivery service, making it convenient to students who like fast food!


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Fast food 快餐

  • Fast food refers to any food that is readily available, which thus includes meals involving short preparation time. Theoretically not all fast food are unhealthy. However, the use of relatively large amount of fat, sugar, salt and additives is common in fast food so as to appeal to customers. Through a process called hydrogenation, trans-fat is made in vegetable oil which can extend shelf life, and enhance flavour stability of fast food. Trans-fat raises low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) which is known to be associated with coronary heart disease.
  • Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity are major risk factors for chronic diseases. Fast food is handy and attractive to hungry children after school. Studies suggested that fast food branding had a positive effect on children's taste preference. Continued intake of fast food is becoming a predisposing risk factor for many major chronic illnesses.
  • 快餐意即任何快速得到的食物,因此所有準備時間不多的膳食都可算是快餐。理論上,快餐不等如不健康飲食,但是快餐食品一般含較多脂肪、糖、鹽份和附加劑。生產商亦會以氫化作用處理植物油,藉以延長保存期和增加味道的穩定性。過程所產生的反式脂肪增加體內壞膽固醇,是導致冠心病的因素。
  • 不健康的飲食及缺乏運動是慢性病的主要風險因素。快餐是學童課後很方便就購買得到的食物。有文獻指品牌效應會令小童選擇性地常用某些快餐。長時間食用快餐逐漸成為引起慢性病的風險因素。

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