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Transmission of a phenomenon 一個現象的傳播

(added on 2008/11/07)

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Data source: Central Registry of Drug Abuse
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Some heroin users have a tendency to become addicted to more than one drug. The map shows the evolving pattern of this multi-drug taking phenomenon over a 20-year period from 1986 to 2005. The habit began from a small focus in urban Kowloon which subsequently spread to other parts of the entire territory. Unlike infection the habit spreads through peer influence rather than a microorganism.


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Heroin addiction 海洛英毒癮

  • The term “addiction” is normally used to describe the habitual use of certain drug to the extent of becoming dependent on it. Withdrawal is often associated with very unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, making abstinence difficult. One commonest drug of addiction around the world is heroin, which is a synthetic form of opium. Heroin and related compounds are sometimes called “hard drugs”, compared to the newer substances of abuse called “soft drugs”, including amphetamine, ketamine and others. Terms like “use”, “abuse” and “dependence” are used to explain the condition of using addiction drug but of different contexts.
  • 毒癮一般是指慣性服用某些藥物,繼而身體產生倚賴作用,停止用藥會令吸毒者經歷精神及肉體上極難受感覺,故此戒毒十分困難。海洛英是全球最常濫用的藥物,更被籠統視作硬性毒品,和興奮劑及K仔等軟性毒品分開。上了毒癮的也被形容為『使用』、『濫用』或『倚賴』毒品。

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