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Where do we find red tides 紅潮在那裡

(added on 2010/05/10)

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Data source: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Map shows the distribution of reported red tides in Hong Kong between 21/11/2008 and 27/11/2009.

The red circles represent the location of red tides. The larger and darker the circle, the higher the number of red tides reported in the location.

During this one year period, Deep Water Bay reported the highest number of red tides in Hong Kong. Fortunately, none of these red tide events were linked with reported fish deaths.



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Red Tide 紅潮

Red tides are caused by a rapid multiplication of tiny microscopic single-celled (unicellular) algae. The discolouration is due to the presence of pigment contained in the algae cells. The pigment can be red, pink, brown or in other colours.

Most of the red tides are harmless. However, a number of algae species release toxins which can cause contamination of seafood, leading to fish deaths and may result in harmful effects on human. Such incidents are called "Harmful Algal Blooms" (HABs).

Although most of the red tides are natural phenomenon, some are related to environmental pollution, such as inappropriate deposition of industrial waste and sewage.

紅潮又稱『藻華 』,是由於海水裡的一些微型單細胞浮游藻類生物忽然迅速大量繁殖所致。海上 的紅潮因不同的藻類色素而有所不同,這些色素可以是紅色、粉紅色、褐色或其他顏色。

大部份的紅潮是無害的。有少數藻類品種可產生毒素,引致海產污染、魚類死亡,甚至危害人類健康。 紅潮引發惡性影響又稱『有害藻類現象』。


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