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Allergy in the middle of nowhere 敏感地帶

(added on 2008/11/07)

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Data source: Dr Gary Wong, Department of Paediatrics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Rhinoconjunctivitis is one common form of allergic condition in adults and children. It is characterised by runny nose, nasal congestion and itchy eyes and nose. Allergy is a genetically predisposed condition while environment plays a part in the triggering of symptoms. This map shows the varying prevalence of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis in school children of age 13 to 14 in Yuen Long, with Tin Shui Wai showing the highest density. Environmental and socio-economic factors may have played a role in the display of this pattern.


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Allergy 過敏症

  • Allergy is a disorder of the immune system, which occurs in some genetically predisposed persons with acute attacks triggered by allergen. Common allergies include eczema, asthma, hay fever, food allergies and reaction to venom when stung by insects etc. Allergic diseases can be mild, but can also be life threatening and may lead to death in some patients.
  • 過敏症是一種由致敏原產生的免疫系統疾病,患者可能有遺傳傾向,而其它外在因素會促使患者發作。一般過敏症包括濕疹、哮喘、花粉症、食物過敏及因被某些昆蟲叮咬接觸毒液後的敏感現象等等。過敏症的病癥普遍是輕微的,但部份人的過敏症可以很嚴重,甚至致命。

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