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Mpox outbreaks spreading to Asia 猴痘爆發擴散到亞洲

(added on 2023/05/02)

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Data source: World Health Organization
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Up to mid April 2023, the total number of mpox (previously known as monkeypox) confirmed cases has reached 87,000 in 110 countries, causing 120 deaths worldwide. The first mpox case reported outside endemic areas was on 13 May 2022. Since then, Europe, North America and Australia had started reporting more cases in third quarter of 2022. Along with the loosening of border control policies implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, rounds of mpox outbreaks were spotted in Asian countries in late 2022.

Each map shows the total number of confirmed cases in each period and percentage increase in cumulative number of cases. In period 1 (before 14 June 2022), countries in Europe and Americas have started reporting mpox cases (marked by purple circles). Major increase in mpox reported cases was observed in Europe, North America and Australia in period 2 (15 June to 30 September 2022). The increase has slowed down in period 3 (1 October to 31 December 2022) and 4 (1 January to 31 March 2023) in these places. However, the number of mpox confirmed cases was increasing more rapidly in period 3 and 4 in some Asian countries.

Mpox vaccines are currently available in many places around the world, including Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Canada, and United States, less so in Asian countries. To prevent mpox virus infection and control the epidemic effectively, individuals at high risk of exposure are highly recommended to receive vaccination.

Data for map were from World Health Organization (WHO).

直至2022年4月中旬,Mpox (猴痘,前稱 monkeypox) 全球確診個案已達8萬7千宗,牽涉到110個國家,導致120宗死亡。第一宗非地方性傳播個案於2022年5月13日呈報。及後,在2022年第三季,歐洲,北美洲及澳洲開始發現越來越多猴痘個案。然而,隨著早前因COVID-19疫情推行的出入境政策逐漸放寬,一些亞洲國家於2022年尾也陸續發現猴痘爆發。

各地圖上顯示了各時段的確診宗數及累計確診數百分比增長。在時段一 (2022年6月14日或之前),歐洲和美洲國家開始呈報猴痘個案 (地圖上以紫圈示意)。在時段二 (2022年6月13日至9月30日),增幅較大的地方主要集中於歐洲、北美洲及澳洲。而在時段三 (2022年10月1日至12月31日)和四 (2023年1月1日至3月31日),這些地區的猴痘確診數增長已逐漸放緩。不過,在一些亞洲國家,猴痘確診數的主要增長則集中在時段三至四。


地圖資料源自世界衞生組織 (WHO) 。

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