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On alert for African Swine Fever 嚴陣以待。送走豬瘟

(added on 2019/01/16)

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The first African swine fever (ASF) case was discovered in Kenya in 1909. By the end of 2018, more than 40 countries around the world have reported ASF outbreaks. In August 2018, ASF was first reported in Liaoning Province, China. From genetic analysis, the virus strain was closely related to those in Russia, the border of which is only 1,000 kilometers from Liaoning. Since then, China has become the first country in East Asia to report ASF outbreak. From August 1 to December 20, 2018, 23 provinces and municipalities in China have reported cases of ASF. Guangdong province, which is closest to Hong Kong, also reported ASF virus infection in December.

As shown on the graduated color map (as of December 20, 2018), the outbreaks started from the coastal provinces, and then moved to the inland provinces. Besides, the virus was found in wild boars in Heilongjiang and Jilin province. More than 200,000 pigs in China are suspected to be infected. To control the outbreaks, the Chinese government has slaughtered and disposed pigs infected or suspected to be infected properly, cracked down on the illegal hog slaughtering, and built more large-scale slaughterhouses. Countries near China have made strict import controls, and forbidden passengers or residents bringing Chinese pork products to their countries. The map data are from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

1909年肯尼亞發現第一宗非洲豬瘟病例。截止2018年年底,全球共有40多個國家報告過非洲豬瘟爆發。2018年八月,非洲豬瘟首次在中國遼寧省內爆發。基因列序顯示病毒株與俄羅斯的相近,而俄羅斯邊境距離該位置僅1,000公里 。自此中國便成為東亞第一個報告非洲豬瘟的國家。由2018年8月1日至同年12月20日,中國已有23個省市報告了非洲豬瘟病例。連最接近香港的廣東省也在12月的時候發現非洲豬瘟病毒。

地圖中漸變顏色顯示(截至2018年12月20日) : 疫情由最初的沿海省份轉至內陸省份。除此之外,在黑龍江和吉林省的野豬身上也發現了非洲豬瘟病毒。在中國有超過20萬頭豬被懷疑感染了非洲豬瘟。為控制疫情,中國政府推行當地屠宰和處理感染或疑似感染豬隻、嚴打非法豬隻屠宰場及建立大型豬隻屠宰場。另外,中國附近的國家已經嚴格控制中國豬隻進口,並禁止乘客或居民將中國豬肉產品帶入他們的國家。地圖數據來自世界動物衛生組織(OIE)。

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African Swine Fever 非洲豬瘟

What is African Swine Fever? 什麼是非洲豬瘟?
African Swine Fever (ASF) is an infectious disease in the pig family caused by a DNA virus called ASF virus (ASFV). Infected pigs have a series of symptoms and signs: high fever, loss of appetite, hemorrhages in the skin and internal organs. After infection, pigs usually die in 2-10 days. The routes of transmission of ASFV in pigs include: eating contaminated pork products that are uncooked or undercooked, exposure to infected pigs. Ticks are an important vector for ASFV transmission.
非洲豬瘟(ASF)是由DNA病毒ASFV引起的豬科動物傳染病。 受感染的豬隻會出現一系列症狀和體徵:高燒、食慾不振、皮膚和內臟器官出血。 感染後,豬通常會在2-10天內死亡。豬隻之間的傳播途徑包括食用沒有煮或未徹底煮熟的受感染豬肉製品、接觸受感染的豬隻。蝨亦是重要的病毒傳播媒介。

Is human susceptible to ASF? 人會感染非洲豬瘟嗎?
ASF has remained a disease of the pig family. Human is not susceptible to the virus.

Vaccine? Prevention? 如何預防?
Currently, effective vaccine or treatment against African Swine Fever is not available. People can maintain a tick-free environment for pigs and do not feed them with uncooked or undercooked pork products. Also, people should isolate and slaughter the infected pigs, followed by cleaning and disinfecting the site.

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