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Post-summer phenomenon 暑假後現象

(added on 2016/04/08)

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Data source: Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, HKSAR; Registration and Electoral Office, HKSAR
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Between September and December 2015, a total of over 400 institution and school outbreaks of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) had reportedly occurred, as recorded by Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong. The high number of outbreaks noted may be related to the simultaneous introduction of students non-immune to enterovirus when the schools opened in the last quarter of the year following Summer Holidays.

Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts. The districts with the highest number of institution and school outbreaks then were Yuen Long and Shatin, each with about 40 – 50 cases. Each district can be further divided into 10 to 37 sub-districts called District Council Constituency Area (DCCA). The map shows the number of outbreaks in the four-month period in each DCCA as differentiated by colour. DCCAs with most outbreaks were Kowloon Tong of Kowloon City District and Chung On of Shatin District, with each having 9 reported outbreaks. Other DCCAs with higher number of outbreaks were Water Street, Stubbs Road, Prince and Yau Yat Tsuen. These top outbreak DCCAs were where most schools are located in Hong Kong. The black dots in the map show the geographic locations of schools and kindergartens.

Map data were obtained from the Centre for Health Protection of Department of Health and Registration and Electoral Office, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

二零一五年九月至十二月,香港衞生防護中心錄得超過400宗院舍及學校手足口病爆發。 眾多爆發的出現,可能由於暑假後新一群未有腸病毒免疫力的小孩同時入學所致。

香港分十八區,當中 以元朗及沙田區錄得最多爆發宗數,介乎40至50之間。每區可再劃分成10至37個區議會選區。地圖以不同顏色顯示在該四個月內,每一選區的院舍及學校爆發宗數。其中以九龍半島九龍城區的九龍塘選區及沙田區的頌安選區錄得最多爆發,各有九宗。其他嚴重爆發地方包括水街、司徒拔道、太子及又一村等選區,均位於眾多學校聚集的地方。圖中的黑點表示各學校和幼稚園的地理位置。

地圖數據源自香港政府衞生署衞生防護中心及選舉事務處 。

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