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(updated on 2016/04/04)

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Data source: World Health Organization
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


On 14 January 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) declared Liberia free from Ebola after confirming that all known chains of transmission had stopped. Nonetheless a new case was discovered in Sierra Leone on 15th January. The Ebola-free status of three west African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia lasted for only one day. The map shows the number of Ebola cases and deaths since the epidemic started in 2014. Most cases were reported these 3 adjoining countries, with a high case mortality rate of around 50%.

The pattern of Ebola epidemic highlights the importance of continued prevention of new infections, so that re-emergence of the epidemic would not occur. In response to the Ebola threat, WHO released the Phase 3 framework in September 2015, which was developed through an assimilation of new knowledge and experience from the field. Its main objective is to eliminate and reduce the risks of all remaining chains of transmission and re-emergence through active surveillance and the collaborations of different partners.

Data for this map were derived from Ebola Situation Report - 20 January 2016 of WHO.

世界衛生組織於2016年1月14日宣佈利比里亞伊波拉疫情結束。雖然如此,鄰國塞拉利昂於翌日即確診新個案,令西非三國 (幾內亞、塞拉利昂及利比里亞)只有一天同時免於伊波拉病毒的肆虐。 地圖簡單顯示2014年至今(2016年1月)伊波拉疫情中受影響及死亡人數;而大部份患者居住於該相連三國。死亡率高達50%。


地圖資料源自世界衛生組織2016年1月20日伊波拉報告 。

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