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What is Nipah virus? 什麼是尼帕病毒?

Nipah virus infection is a zoonosis, a term referring to conditions caused by microorganisms transmissible between animals and humans. Its incubation period usually ranges from 4 to 14 days. However, the longest incubation period can be as long as 45 days.

Nipah virus infected persons could present with fever, headache, and muscle ache. Neurological features like drowsiness, disorientation and mental confusion my occur. Such symptoms and signs may persist for 3-14 days. In serious cases, progression to coma may occur within 24-28 hours following symptom onset. The mortality rate is between 40% and 75%.


尼帕病毒感染患者初時會有發燒、頭痛、肌肉疼痛。部份病者有嗜睡、迷失方向和意識混亂等神經症狀,一般持續3至14天。這些徵狀有機會在24至48小時內進展至昏迷 。尼帕病毒感染的死亡率為40%至75%之間。

How does it spread? 如何傳播?
Fruit bat is the natural host and vector of the Nipah virus. People who have direct contact with infected animals (e.g. pigs) or body fluid of infected people, have eaten or drunk contaminated food (e.g. raw date palm sap) are at risk of infection.


Prevention? 如何預防?
There is no vaccine for the Nipah virus so far. To reduce infection risk:
Do not contact bats and sick pigs.
Do not eat food which might have been bitten by bats
Avoid drinking raw date palm sap.
Wear proper protective clothing when coming into direct contact with infected animals (sick pigs) or people.