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Yellow Fever 黃熱病

What is yellow fever? 什麼是黃熱病

  • Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne infectious disease endemic in tropical and subtropical Africa and South America. Common symptoms of yellow fever include fever, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Some 15% of patients may develop severe symptoms such as high fever, jaundice, bleeding and multiple organ failure, of which around half die within a week. At the moment there is no effective anti-viral treatment for yellow fever.
  • 黃熱病是一種於熱帶及亞熱帶非洲及南美洲流行而經蚊傳播的傳染病。感染後常見病徵包括發燒、 頭痛 、肌肉疼痛、惡心、嘔吐及疲勞。當中15%患者會發展嚴重症狀包括高燒、黃痘、出血及器官衰竭。其中一半嚴重病患者一周內死亡。現時沒有針對黃熱病之抗病毒藥物。

How does it spread? 如何傳播?

  • Yellow fever virus is spread through the bite of mosquitoes from the Aedes and Haemogogus genus, primarily Aedes aegypti. The common Aedes albopictus in Hong Kong and Macao could also be the vector for transmitting yellow fever.
  • 黃熱病病毒主要是經被帶有病毒的伊蚊及趨血蚊叮後而傳播 (主要是埃及伊蚊),香港及澳門常見的白紋伊蚊亦可作為其蚊媒。

Vaccine? Prevention? 如何預防?

  • Yellow fever is vaccine preventable. Travellers planning on travelling to the endemic countries should be vaccinated 11 days before arrival. The protective effect of vaccination is generally valid for 10 years. Other preventive measures are mosquito controls and personal preventive measures, including the use of insect repellents and wearing protective clothing.
  • 疫苗注射可以預防黃熱病。前往黃熱病疫區之人士需於到埗前十一日預先接種疫苗。疫苗效力可維持十年。其他預防方法包括蚊蟲控制及個人防護措施,如使用蚊怕水及穿著個人防護衣物。