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(added on 2010/03/04)

Health services in Japan 日本的醫療服務

Data source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Map shows the number of general and psychiatric hospitals (2007), expressed in graduated symbol, against the background of population (2005) in graduated colour by prefectures in Japan. The size of the orange balloon is proportional to the number of hospitals; while the darker the colour of the prefecture indicates the higher the population.

As the highest population area in Japan, Tokyo-to has the largest number of general and psychiatric hospitals. The second highest population area is Osaka-fu, followed by Kanagawa-ken. Hokkaido has the second largest number of general and psychiatric hospitals, followed by Osaka-fu.

Like other developed countries, the map shows that hospital services are often centralised in metropolitan cities where the demand is often the highest.

地圖顯示全日本都道府縣二零零七年一般及精神病醫院的數字以漸變圖示 ,橙色圓形越大指醫院越多。背景漸變顏色則代表二零零五年都道府縣人口,顏色越深指人口越高。