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(added on 2009/06/04)

Feeling ill 何處覓醫

Data source: Hospital Authority, Hong Kong.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The map shows the current (2009) distribution of General Outpatient Clinics (GOPCs) operated by the Hospital Authority in the public service in Hong Kong. These clinics represent the first points of contact for people presenting with minor ailments, chronic diseases, or acute problems which usually do not require hospitalisation. The clinics are concentrated in urban districts. For the convenience of working population, some clinics open in the evening or over Sundays or Public Holidays, as reflected by the symbols in the map. This map does not show the locations of private clinics, which in fact is responsible for a majority of primary care consultations in the territory of Hong Kong.

Data were obtained from the Hospital Authority which runs the GOPCs.