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(added on 2009/03/03)

Hospital services in Hong Kong 香港的醫院服務

Data source: Occupancy rate and inpatients discharges/ death from Hospital Authority (2005-2006), HKSAR; Population statistics from Census and Statistics Department (2006), HKSAR.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Map shows the relationship between occupancy rates, inpatients discharges and deaths in major public hospitals and population by district in Hong Kong during 2005- 2006.

Occupancy rates are represented by either bright green dots (73- 80%) and dark green dots (81-90%). Inpatient discharges and deaths (in numbers) are expressed in graduated symbols (light blue circles), the sizes of which being proportional to the rate. The graduated colour of light yellow to brown are used to show the proportional distribution of the population by district.

In this map, a high hospital occupancy rate does not necessarily mean high number of discharges/death. Similarly, districts with higher population may not have a high occupancy rate and/ or discharges/ deaths in their hospitals. One of the reasons is that patients may seek medical service across districts, as the nearest hospital may not be the district hospital. On the other hand, public hospitals are grouped in clusters, the catchment of each is not defined by district boundaries.