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(added on 2009/03/03)

Fruit and vegetable availability 蔬果的可及性

Data source: WHO, Health For All Database- Jun 2007
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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This map shows the average amount of fruits and vegetables available in European Union (EU) countries, calculated in Kilograms per person per year in 2003. A larger green blob means a higher availability of fruits and vegetables. Greece gives the highest value at 422.7 Kg/ person, followed by Italy 309.3 Kg/ person, Portugal 297.2 and Cyprus 278.5 Kg/ person.

Generally speaking, Mediterranean countries appear to have higher levels of fruits and vegetables available, compared to other parts of Europe, different from Scandinavian countries in particular. This may be related to the diet and food habit of the respective population.


希臘的平均每人每年蔬果可及性為422.7公斤,其次是意大利309.3 公斤 ,葡萄牙297.2 公斤及塞浦路斯278.5 公斤 。