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(added on 2011/01/27)

Population changes in focus 人口轉移中

Data source: Planning Department, HKSAR
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Projections of population distribution could be of useful reference in urban planning, which would support effective resource allocation at local levels in future.

The map shows the spatial distribution of the percentage changes of projected population in Hong Kong. It reflects the pace of urbanization and illustrates the availability of new land for development.

The situation is portrayed at 2 levels – the larger District Council district and small tertiary planning unit. As depicted by graduated colours, Tertiary Planning Units in northern New Territories would experience a faster rate of population growth by 2015. The arrow signs indicate the projected population change for larger geographic regions during 2009 -2019. The population growth is moderate in the urbanized south compared to the north. For some districts and new towns with aging population and long development history, such as Wong Tai Sin and Tsing Yi, decrease in population is anticipated.

The data for the map was obtained from Planning Department of the Hong Kong Government.