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(added on 2010/01/20)

Beware of fire 小心火警

Data source: National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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This is a floor plan showing the number of fires occurring at different locations within households in Taiwan during the year of 2008. The number of fires is presented in graduated colour, from green (lowest) to red (highest). This “map” imitates the general house plan in Taiwan. The highest number of fires occurred in bedroom (408 cases), followed by living-room (218 cases), and kitchen (181 cases). The bedroom fires might be due to cigarette smoking in bed, which is a common cause of household fire.

While similar statistics are not available in Hong Kong, household fires can be an area of concern, though the causes could be different. In 2008 there were 1589 fire cases in public housing estates and 1601 in other residential buildings in Hong Kong. Overall, 4 cases were classified as major fire (Number three alarm and above).


香港沒有類似的公開數據,起火原因可能有差異,但情況亦不容忽視。要注意的是二零零八年共錄得1589宗屋邨和1601宗其它住宅大廈火災,當中四宗屬嚴重 (三級或以上) 火警。