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(added on 2009/10/23)

Hottest hot month 八月的熱浪

Data source: Hong Kong Observatory
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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August is normally one of the hottest months in Hong Kong. It was reported that August 2009 was the hottest August in more than 30 years with temperature reaching 33°C for 10 consecutive days in the month. The map shows the distribution of mean daily outdoor temperature for the month of August in 2000 (a) and 2009 (b). In comparison, it can be seen clearly that the overall mean temperature has increased. This is more obvious in urban areas on Hong Kong Island, and the new towns of Shatin, Tai Po Tsuen Wan. The temperature readings were obtained from the various weather stations distributing throughout Hong Kong (in red), operating under the auspices of the Hong Kong Observatory. The readings at the different stations have been interpolated to cover the whole of Hong Kong.