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(added on 2009/05/04)

Road traffic accidents 道路交通意外

Data source: Transport Department, HKSAR
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The map shows the distribution of road traffic accidents by district and severity in Hong Kong in the year 2007.

"Severity" is divided into three categories as represented by bar charts: fatal (maroon), serious (blue) and mild (sand). The total number of road accidents is represented by graduated colour, from green to red (least to most). Data were obtained from the Transport Department, HKSAR Government.

By district, Yau Tsim Mong had the highest number of traffic accidents, totalling 1490, followed by Shatin, 1146 and Kowloon City, 1114.

Districts having the highest number of accidents did not necessarily mean high fatality. The number of fatal cases was highest in Sham Shui Po (19), followed by Kwai Tsing (14) and Yuen Long (13).


嚴重程度分為三級,用長條圖表示:致命(褐紫紅色)、嚴重(藍色)及輕微( 淺棕色 )。而該年交通意外總數由漸變顏色代表,從綠色至紅色(少至多)。數據由香港政府運輸署提供。