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(added on 2008/11/07)

No smoking please 請勿吸煙

Data source: Lam Ying Lee (CUHK MAE Student)
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Under the Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance Cap 371 in 2006, smoking is prohibited in “public pleasure ground” (PPG)s. The law has taken effect from January 2007, except in otherwise designated smoking area. PPG refers to an open area specified in the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance Cap 132. The map shows 12 of the PPGs in Wan Chai district. PPG coloured orange indicates no smokers and the absence of recent smoking evidence; red indicates smoker(s) found inside PPG; and purple indicates evidence of recent smoking only. The smoking situation is taken from an observational study in early 2008. Evidence of recent smoking is defined as the presence of any person smoking at PPG entrance and/ or cigarette litter/ empty packet found at the time of visit. This observation suggested that some smokers have continued to smoke in PPG although smoking is prohibited.

《2006年吸煙 (公眾衞生)(修訂)條例章號371》規定,公眾遊樂場所被定為禁止吸煙地區。由二零零七年一月起,除了某些指定的範圍可吸煙外,公眾遊樂場所全面禁煙。公眾遊樂場所是公共衛生及市政條例章號132所規定的公開場地。圖示十二個於灣仔區的公眾遊樂場所。橙色表示該場所沒有吸煙人士及沒有發現近期吸煙證據;紅色表示有吸煙人士在場內吸煙;而紫色顯示沒有吸煙者但有近期吸煙證據。圖中所示吸煙情況源自二零零八年初一項觀察性研究。近期吸煙證據定義為在觀察期間,發現有吸煙人士在該場所出入口吸煙及棄置煙頭/煙盒。從此研究發現,有部份煙民仍然在公眾遊樂場所內吸煙,儘管此舉是違法的。