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(added on 2008/11/07)

Potato as a food security crop 馬鈴薯為糧食保障農作物

Data source: Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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This map shows the global distribution of potato production (in tonnes). The biggest potato producer in the world during 2007 is China, followed by Russia and India.

Potato has a long history in human society and it grows almost anywhere. It has probably originated in the Andes in South America. Most of the wild and cultivated species are from Peru.

The major species grown worldwide is Solanum tuberosum. Potato is rich in starch and is one of the most important food crops. It also contains multiple minerals and vitamins.

Potato can also grow in relatively harsh condition compared to other major crops. It is therefore ideal for developing countries, where land and resources are limited. It is recommended as food security crop that can help low-income farmers and consumers.

圖示世界各國馬鈴薯生產量(以噸計)。二零零七年,中國是全世界馬鈴薯生產量最大的國家,其次是俄羅斯及印度 。


最常見的馬鈴薯品種是Solanum tuberosum.它含豐富的澱粉質並且是重要食用農作物之一種,它還含有多種礦物質和維生素。