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(added on 2010/07/02)

Cholera in Africa 霍亂在非洲

Data source: UN Water Statistics & WHO.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Map shows the distribution of reported Cholera cases by country in Africa in the year 2007, expressed in graduated colours from yellow (low) to red (high). The blue coloured symbols in varying sizes represent the percentage national population with access to sanitation facilities.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo had the highest reported number of Cholera cases (28269) followed by Ethiopia (24121) and Republic of Angola (18422). It appears that access to sanitation goes contrary to cholera caseload. Ethiopia, for example, had the second lowest access to sanitation facilities amongst all African countries, at 8%, only after Lesotho, 6%. The percentage access for Congo is also low at 9%, while that for Angola is 16%.

Cholera is a waterborne infectious disease. Limitation of safe water supply and poor sanitation are the known risk factors.