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(added on 2009/08/06)

Global spread in 3 months 游走三個月

Data source: World Health Organization; Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong
Map created by Candy Wong and CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Human Swine Flu [Influenza A(H1N1)] hit the news headlines in April 2009. The infection has since been spreading rapidly across the world, and over 100 countries were affected by June. The Map shows the week-by-week diffusion of the infection in the first three months of the epidemic. The virus landed on Mexico, North America and Western Europe in the first couple of weeks, followed by other countries in all continents. Interestingly, some countries have remained unscathed in early July - North Korea, Central Asia and some African countries. This may be explained by the relative lack of communication between these countries and the western world, or reporting delay.

Data for the maps were downloaded from World Health Organization website (which stopped updating the national statistics in early July), and Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.