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(added on 2009/08/06)

Malaria in China 瘧疾在中國

Data source: China CDC 中國疾病預防及控制中心
Map created by HL Lin and LW Tian, CUHK

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The map shows the distribution of Plasmodium falciparun (Pf) malaria in China at the province level. Pf is one form of plasmodium infection which often presents with a feverish disease, the severe form of which can be fatal. The average number of reported Pf cases for the year 2004/2005 is presented in the map. Evidently the total number of known cases of malaria is very low across the country. The disease is largely limited to Yunnan and Hainan Provinces, which contain the most seriously affected areas. In other parts of the country, including Hong Kong, isolated cases of malaria are reported, which are normally imported. Data for the map were obtained from CDC China.