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(added on 2009/05/27)

Virus flying in 飛躍流感

Data source: Various newspapers
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The map shows the flight paths of the first 6 cases of laboratory-confirmed “swine flu” in the region covering Mainland China and Hong Kong, before entering our home cities. As a respiratory infection, influenza virus is transmitted through person-to-person contacts, and “swine flu” is no exception. In modern days, the high intensity and extensiveness of air travel has shortened the distance between people, bringing the source of infection closer to distant populations in almost no time. Presumably originating in Mexico, the virus found its way through long distance air travel to Asian communities. The map has incorporated information obtained from multiple sources in the media.

First imported swine flu [Influenza A (H1N1)] cases in China and Hong Kong

地圖顯示香港及中國大陸首 六例『人類豬流感』確診個案的航空路線,可見他們抵港或附近城市前曾經到過的地方。流感是呼吸道傳染病,一般經人和人近距離接觸傳播,『人類豬流感』亦不例外。由於空中交通發達,現代社會的人際交往越趨頻繁,更將人與人之間的距離縮短,令傳染病擴散加速。相信源自墨西哥的新型『人類豬流感』病毒,透過航空交通網很快便傳到亞洲地區。地圖資料源自不同的媒體報導。