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(added on 2009/04/07)

Acute Hepatitis B, C in Taiwan 台灣的急性乙型及丙型肝炎

Data source: CDC, Taiwan.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The map shows the distribution of reported acute cases of hepatitis B and C in Taiwan in 2007. For acute hepatitis B, Taipei County had the highest number of cases, 45, followed by Taipei City, 31 and Taoyuen County, 30 cases. For acute hepatitis C, the highest number reported was in Taipei County, 25, followed by Taichung City, 22, and Taipei City, 21 cases.

The prevalence of hepatitis B and C in the general population varies considerably. In Taiwan the hepatitis B carrier rate exceeds 10%, while that of hepatitis C is around 2-5%. With the introduction of universal hepatitis B vaccination, acute hepatitis B is becoming uncommon. On the other hand, hepatitis C has resulted from contaminated transfusion in the past. The current reported numbers may refer to those of injection drug users who are diagnosed with the infection because of needle-sharing. The two sets of reporting figures look similar but bear different meanings.