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Novel Coronavirus outbreak 新型冠狀病毒爆發

31 August 2020

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(added on 2020/09/09)

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Data for the map were obtained from the World Health Organization and media reports.
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group


Situation update as of 31 August 2020

After the SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), a new coronavirus virus (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in China since December 2019. COVID-19 is the name given to the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. As of 31st August 2020, there were more than 25,000,000 confirmed cases affecting over 200 countries and places. According to the assessment conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), the risk of acquiring the infection in the global level is very high.

The larger map shows in graduated colors the distribution of newly confirmed cases in the world. Comparing with other places, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, and the United States have recorded a higher number of newly confirmed cases in the last thirty days. The cumulative number of death cases are shown by black circles of different size.

The inset maps show the five countries with the highest cumulative number of confirmed cases with distribution in graduated colors by administrative unit. At the sub-country level, the highest number of confirmed cases were reported in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Maharashtra in India, Lima Province in Peru, Moscow City in Russia, and California in the United States.

Currently, there is no effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. To prevent virus transmission, the best precautions are: wash hands frequently; avoid close and prolonged contacts with crowds in the community; wear a mask in accordance with the advice of local health authority.

Data for the map were obtained from the World Health Organization and media reports.


繼沙士冠狀病毒及中東呼吸綜合症冠狀病毒,一種新型冠狀病毒(SARS-CoV-2) 於2019年12月於中國出現。 SARS-CoV-2所導致的疾病稱COVID-19 。截至2020年8月31日,全球已有多於 25,000,000例確診病例和200多個國家及地區受影響。根據世界衛生組織(WHO)的風險評估,在全球層面的感染風險非常高。

主要地圖使用漸變色顯示了在過去三十天新增確診數目的全球分佈。與其他國家相比, 巴西、哥倫比亞、印度、墨西哥、秘魯、俄羅斯、南非及美國的過去三十天確診病例數目相對高。黑色圓點大小顯示了每個國家/地方的SARS-CoV-2累積死亡數目。




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