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(added on 2018/05/24)

Importing measles 輸入麻疹

Data source: Public Health England
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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In 2016, there were around 190,000 reported measles cases globally, while World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 7 million people were infected. The map shows the geographic distribution of reported measles cases in the 5 year period between 2013 and 2017. Among them, Southeast Asia and India gave higher rates of reported cases. In 2018, outbreaks were reported in Japan and Taiwan in the Asia Pacific. As measles can be efficiently transmitted in the air, spread of the virus through travelling caused concerns in neighboring countries

Comparing with other places, the annual number of reported measles cases in Hong Kong has been low at below 50, of which 50% did not occur at home but were “imported”. The small number of cases was a result of high measles vaccination coverage (above 95%) in Hong Kong. Most of the measles cases that had occurred were unvaccinated individuals, including infants aged below 1 year old, foreign domestic helpers, overseas students and migrants. The lines on the map show the origins of imported measles cases in Hong Kong over the years. Common places of origin included Mainland China, Philippines and Indonesia. Vaccination could be an effective prevention measure against measles. Before travelling to high burden cities/countries, one must ensure his/her own immune status against measles virus. In case of query, advice from doctor should be sought and if necessary, vaccination must be made 2 weeks in advance.

Data for the map were obtained from World Health Organization, Centre for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.


現時香港每年的麻疹報告個案少於50宗,當中一半並非在香港受到感染,而是從外地『輸入』。香港的低感染情況主要歸功於高麻疹疫苗覆蓋率 (95%以上 )。大部分受感染者並沒有接種疫苗紀錄,例如不足1歲的嬰兒、外藉家庭傭工、留學生及新移民。地圖中的路線顯示香港往年的麻疹個案,主要是從中國大陸、菲律賓及印尼輸入。接種疫苗是有效預防麻疹的方法,計劃前往高感染地區前,應先考慮自己是否對麻疹免疫。如有疑問可向醫生查詢,並於出發前2星期接種疫苗。

地圖資料源自世界衛生組織,香港特別行政區衞生防護中心及台灣衛生福利部疾病管制署 。