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(added on 2017/08/29)

Local born dengue then and now 土生土長登革熱

Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The map shows the distribution of reported local dengue cases from January 2001 to August 2017 in Hong Kong. In the past 16 years, only 35 dengue cases were locally acquired, accounting for 3% of total reported cases (n=1027). Limited local outbreaks (2 or more cases) have occurred: 15 cases lived near or worked in the Ma Wan construction site in 2002, 4 cases lived in Deep Water Bay in 2010, 2 cases worked in the Sai Ying Pun construction site in 2014, and 3 cases visited the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens or lived in the Mid-levels in 2016. Over the years, the local outbreaks had not occurred in the same area. Overall, most of the suspected infection locations were in urban areas (grey building blocks on the map). The pattern of reported cases was different from those of Japanese encephalitis, which were found near pig farms (map: headaches near pig farms).

Data for the map were extracted from media reports.

地圖顯示香港 2001年1月至2017年8月本地登革熱個案的分佈。在過去16年期間,本地登革熱個案只有35宗,佔總報告個案(1027宗)的百份之三。有限度的爆發(2宗或以上)曾發生於: 2002年馬灣地盤及附近居住地(共15宗)、2010年深水灣居住地(共4宗)、2014年西營盤地盤(共2宗)及2016年香港動植物公園及附近半山區(共3宗)。雖然這些登革熱爆發並沒有在同一個地方發生,但都是在市區。這與日本腦炎個案分佈於豬場附近情況不同 (地圖:豬場周邊的煩惱)。