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(added on 2016/07/06)

Quality counts… and counting quality 細數質素

Data for the map above: The International Society for Quality in Health Care
Data for the map below: The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International respectively.
上圖的資料來源: 國際醫療認證組織
下圖的資料來源: 澳洲醫療服務標準委員會

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To ensure patient safety and enhance service quality in hospitals, the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government introduced the Hospital Accreditation Scheme (Pilot) in May 2009 by engaging the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards ("ACHS") as the accreditation organization.

The Hospital Accreditation Scheme was officially launched in 2011, with an accreditation cycle of 4 years. All public hospitals are joining the Scheme in phases while the participation of private hospitals is voluntary. By June 2016, a total of 20 public hospitals and 10 private hospitals have participated in at least one organization-wide survey and been successfully accredited, as shown in the upper map.

ACHS is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). The lower map shows the distribution of accreditation organizations that are accredited by ISQua. As shown in the map, a majority of the accreditation organizations are located in Australia.

為確保病人安全及提升醫療服務質素,香港特別行政區政府食物及衞生局於二零零九年引入《醫院認證先導計劃》,並委托 澳洲醫療服務標準委員會(ACHS) 為醫療認證機構。


ACHS是經 國際醫療認證組織(ISQua) 認可的機構。截至二零一六年六月, 全球共有33間醫療認證機構獲得ISQua認可,分別分怖於22個國家之中, 其中以澳洲擁有最多ISQua認可的醫療認證機構。