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(added on 2015/11/30)

Dual protection 雙重保護

Data source: UNAIDS, World Bank and published scientific literatures
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Antiretroviral medicines can be used for preventing HIV infection, a new measure referred as ‘prophylaxis’. The map shows the distribution of countries where pilot studies on “Pre-exposure Prophylaxis” (PrEP) for men who have sex with men (MSM) are conducted, as of October 2015. A total of 27 studies are conducted in 14 countries, which are located mainly in Europe and the Americas. In Asia, the only participating country is Thailand.

Before PrEP is prescribed, a negative HIV antibody test result is required. The HIV testing rate among MSM in these countries varied, ranging from 7% to 67%. A higher testing rate may result in a higher number of eligible MSM who can be identified. The community risk of transmission could be minimized if all HIV -ve MSM take PrEP and practise safer sex.

As PrEP involves the prescription of antiretroviral medicine, its access at country level is crucial. Most of the countries on the map have a relatively high coverage of HIV treatment for infected patients, implying that their regularization of a PrEP programme is possible after pilot studies.

Data for the map were retrieved from websites of UNAIDS, World Bank and published scientific literatures.