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(added on 2015/03/02)

Influenza season here and there 此地彼地的流感季節

Data source: WHO
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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The globe can be divided into 18 geographic zones, each of which shares similar influenza transmission patterns. The map shows the level of influenza activity and the distribution of circulating strains?of?influenza virus by influenza transmission zone, based on sampling data obtained in the first four weeks of 2015.

As depicted by graduated colours, raised influenza activity was observed in most regions in the northern hemisphere, while influenza activity in the southern hemisphere remained at inter-seasonal levels. During the first four weeks of 2015, decreasing number of specimens positive for influenza in North America and Eastern Asia was observed, reflecting that influenza activity might have peaked in these two regions. However, influenza activity continued to rise in Europe and Western Asia.? As shown by pie charts, influenza A (H3) was the dominant virus circulating in the northern hemisphere in this influenza season.

Data for the map were obtained from World Health Organization.