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(added on 2014/06/26)

We are where we are 多元族裔無障礙

Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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While Chinese accounts for a majority of the population in Hong Kong, other ethnic groups are living harmoniously in the territory. Based on census data, the map shows the distribution of 4 broad non-Chinese ethnic groups by district in 2011. The size of smile face symbol illustrates the number of DCCAs (District Council Constituency Areas) with respective ethnic population over 5%. There are altogether 412 DCCAs covering 18 districts in Hong Kong in 2011. In districts on Hong Kong Island, there are a higher number of DCCAs where White, Filipino and others reside, compared to districts in the rest of Hong Kong. In Kowloon Peninsula, none of the DCCAs has white population >5%. In Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories, a higher number of DCCAs have Indonesians accounting for over 5% of the population. From anther perspective, a series of related maps in the Map Library are available to show the proportional distribution of each specific ethnic group. It is noted that Indonesians are more concentrated in Eastern District. These maps show the variability of ethnic distribution in Hong Kong, the understanding of which can be important for service development in the community.

Data for the map were extracted from 2011 Population Census conducted by Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR.