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(added on 2012/10/09)

The right to sight 享有看見的權利

Data source: World Health Organization
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Cataract is the leading cause of world blindness, even though it can be surgically removed. To raise awareness on preventing visual impairment and restoring sight, World Sight Day is observed on 11th of October this year. This map shows the health burden imposed by cataract by region and cataract surgical rate by country.

As depicted by graduated colours, less than 1000 cataract operations per million population within a calendar year was observed in most sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asian countries. In these regions, the percentage of blindness due to cataract, indicated by blue eye symbols, was also among the highest in the world. On the contrary, low proportion of blindness was caused by cataract in developed world, where mortality is low or cataract surgical rate is high. Both mortality and cataract surgical rate could reflect the delivery of healthcare services, which in turn influences the proportion of blindness due to cataract.

Data for the map were obtained from a report published by World Health Organization in 2007.