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(added on 2012/04/19)

Eradicating Polio 讓小兒麻痺症絕跡

Data source: World Health Organization
Map created by CUHK SpatioEpi Group

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Thanks to global efforts in the last two decades, the number of polio cases has fallen by more than 99%. To underscore the importance of immunization, World Immunization Week is observed from 21-28 April this year.

As depicted by graduated colours, the coverage of the 3rd dose of polio vaccines in infants was generally higher than 80% in polio-free countries. Coloured country borders indicate different levels of poliovirus transmission. After removal of India from the list of polio endemic countries in February 2012, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan are the three remaining countries with indigenous wild poliovirus transmission. Currently, the geographic area affected by polio is the smallest in history. However, efforts for polio eradication should not slack off as re-established transmission and imported cases have continued to be reported in some countries with low coverage of polio vaccines.

Data for the map were obtained from World Health Organization.