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(updated on 2013/06/10)

Hong Kong's AIDS memory lane 香港愛滋足跡

Data source: Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases

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December 1 is World AIDS Day. Where can we find evidence of efforts in response to HIV/AIDS in Hong Kong? Five landmarks are suggested here for us to see and reflect on. Go to Kowloon Bay Health Centre (A). Established in 1999, this is a community health service that has incorporated HIV treatment facilities. The project has met with protests of residents and politicians for 6 long years. Visit Red Ribbon Centre (B), an AIDS education and resource centre in Wang Tau Hom, which was opened by the last Governor of Hong Kong, Mr Chris Patten, back in 1997. When you are in Tsim Sha Tsui, you may have walked past a giant bronze 'ribbon' (C) designed by sculptor Mr Van Lau to mark World AIDS Day 1997. It was initially erected in the little garden in Wanchai, facing Central Plaza (D), but forced to migrate to the current quiet corner after one year. In Shum Shui Po look for an old building that houses the biggest Methadone Clinic (E), a service visited by thousands of AIDS workers and government officials from around the world, to pay respect to Hong Kong's efforts against HIV through the provision of affordable methadone substitution treatment. A Youtube video (with Chinese subtitles) would take you through these places, if you are too busy to go on foot.

十二月一日是世界愛滋病日。在香港,那裡可以找到愛滋病工作的足跡?以下有五個地標,供大家參觀和反思。首先請到1999年啟用的九龍灣健康中心(A),是一座包含了愛滋病治療服務的社區設施。該中心自建築期間至開幕後,受到附近居民和政客的批評抗議,擾攘長達六年。接著請參觀座落橫頭磡的紅絲帶中心(B),這是香港的愛滋病教育及資源中心,於1997年由末任港督彭定康先生揭幕。假如你在尖沙咀逛街,可能見過一座巨型銅絲帶雕塑(C)。這是雕塑家文樓1997年的作品,原來擺設在灣仔中環廣場前面的菲林明道公園(D),但被逼於一年後遷至現址。最後,請移玉步到訪深水埗美沙酮診所(E) 。這是一座舊建築物,亦是規模最大的美沙酮治療服務,曾到此參觀來自各國的愛滋病工作者和官員數以千計。透過美沙酮服務,香港的愛滋病感染率得以長期維持低位!如果你太忙碌,可以從Youtube 片段觀賞這些香港愛滋地標。